Christmas DIY Embroidery Kits now available!

If you like doing crafty things at home with your children, why not try embroidering their artwork yourself? Children can design their own Christmas card and depending on their age, could do the embroidery too!
When you buy a kit from me, you also get the option to join my facebook group for free to share your ideas and find inspiration for utilising your new skills.

# She Can 365

Have you ever dreamed of setting up your own business? I did! And it came true! It’s most certainly not an easy path to take, but if you feel your current career is going against your true calling in life, it can definitely be worth it.

I was very honoured to be interviewed and featured in the incredible #SheCan365 project telling my story of how I swapped from Architect to Embroiderer. And now all 365 stories of 365 inspirational women have been published in a book! I’m Day 258. Check it out.

My Top 5 Tips to get

your children drawing!

I’ve managed to co-erce a lot of drawings out of my girls over the past few years and discovered there are a few ways that you’re more likely to get a drawing you’ll want to keep and that they’ll be proud of too.

You can see my Top 5 Tips here-