Last Orders Date-

Sunday November 17th

If you are thinking of ordering something for the loved ones in your life this Christmas, then I will need your order (and a copy of your child’s artwork) by Sunday November 17th for guaranteed delivery in the UK.
I look forward to seeing what your little one’s come up with!

Christmas 2019

Gift Guide

It can be a bit overwhelming to browse my full Etsy Shop of items embroidered with Kids Artwork, so I’ve put together a 10 page Guide to show you the gifts that I think are best for Christmas 2019!

So grab a cuppa, sit down and view it here… (it should be viewable on your smartphone)

My Top 10 Tips to get

the Kids Drawing!

I’ve managed to co-erce a lot of drawings out of my girls over the past few years and discovered there are a few ways that you’re more likely to get a drawing you’ll want to keep and that they’ll be proud of too.

See my Top 10 Tips here-